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Forest story, title lost (rus)01.01.2019
Forest story, title lost (rus)

Медведь был безобразным, косолапым и грязным животным. Однако добрее его не было никого во всем лесу. Hо звери замечали только его внешность. Untranslated. Language - Russian..

Writing the site on pure servlets10.08.2018
Writing the site on pure servlets

Simple example of a site that uses only servlets with annotations. The answer is based on html templates. Site built on the same principle.

Building sample web-application with Spring Boot07.08.2018
Building sample web-application with Spring Boot

Creating one REST Controller, several Servlets and Custom Errors Handling.

Coding in jazz style08.01.2018
Coding in jazz style

When task is clear and you know how it solves, result depends on trifle: just to code it. And at that time in keyboard's buttons music starts to play.

Spinning spatial cross19.12.2017
Spinning spatial cross

Two variants of the same figure. Spatial cross in parallel projection. Rotation of three-dimensional objects on all three axes at once. JavaScript Canvas.

Creating simple captcha07.11.2017
Creating simple captcha

Small Java code snippet to create the image containing captcha and example of adding it to a code of the site or blog.

JavaScript code obfuscation22.08.2017
JavaScript code obfuscation

Convert JavaScript code to Japanese style emoticons (^_^). Two different variants of obfuscation from Japanese developer.

Diplomaed Drakonoved. Humor20.08.2017
Diplomaed Drakonoved. Humor

What and how to learn in his life, everyone decides by himself. The main thing is not to make mistake in main direction, then there were no questions that to do with that education.

Rotate the cube in space. Canvas05.08.2017
Rotate the cube in space. Canvas

Consider the difference between parallel and perspective projection. Both are widely used in practice for different purposes.

Rotate the square on the plane. Canvas04.08.2017
Rotate the square on the plane. Canvas

The rotation of a point by a specified angle relative to another point on the plane - the secondary school curriculum in geometry. Consider an example with a square 200x200.

Tetris 3D HTML5 Canvas - Chinese version03.08.2017
Tetris 3D HTML5 Canvas - Chinese version

Found this game on GitHub - liked the transition from 2D to 3D and back by turning. Made small changes, because it's a Chinese version, which didn't fit the screen.

Falling Snowflakes HTML5 Canvas01.08.2017
Falling Snowflakes HTML5 Canvas

Plain and simple, nothing useless. I love these solutions. Sorry, this not mine. Of all the variants similar animation I most liked this one.

3D cube CSS301.07.2017
3D cube CSS3

I was going to use this solution for my tetris 3D, but had to be abandoned because when a large number of such cubes the browser slows down.



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